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Community Perspectives – Share your music and join the discussion

Posted by Jacob Feinberg November 4th, 2012

Welcome to Community Perspectives.

This is a moderated blog where you can post your music and thoughts in response to topics and prompts for discussion. You can also read and listen to what others post. Posts can include recordings, videos, scores, longer essays or shorter comments, and links to work hosted elsewhere.

You can view this as a virtual discussion, festival, symposium, conference, gallery, and round-table all wrapped into one.  There are no deadlines; anyone can add a post whenever they like.

I will post different ongoing themes or prompts as “calls” for submissions. Please pick one of these listed under “Categories” (on the right) to view submissions for that theme.
Check out the How to Post page to get started.
Also, check out the Forum, an open message board for general New Music-related topics.

A few guidelines:

Please try to stay “on theme” with your submissions. Also feel free to suggest future themes.

It’s okay to dislike someone’s music or opinions – even passionately – but please refrain from personal attacks. Overt intentional bigotry will not be tolerated. Try to keep critiques content-based.

Links to sites unrelated to New Music will be removed. Please don’t spam.

Please make sure you’re in the right place. Please see “What do you mean by “New Music”?” if you aren’t sure what the term refers to.

If you think someone is abusing Community Perspectives, please let me know.

Please don’t have the only copy of your work posted here – just in case.

On a legal note, I assume no responsibility for the copyrights, performance rights, mechanical rights, or any other rights to anything you post here. It is assumed that you are the sole copyright holder or have received permission to post here.