How to Post

Community Forum

First, you will need to log in. You can log in via Facebook, Google (same as gmail), Twitter, or Linkedin by using the buttons in the sidebar with their logos. If you don’t have an account with these sites or prefer not to use it, click here and follow the instructions. Once you are logged in, you’ll see a black toolbar across the top of the site and your name in the sidebar. Click your name in the sidebar to fill in your profile. If you would like to set a picture, you can do so at Gravatar (this works across multiple sites – if you already have a picture of your own in your profile, then you’re already signed up). You should now be able to use the Community Forums; they should be self-explanatory.

Community Perspectives

To get permission to post to Community Perspectives, email a request to info at

To create a blog post once you have access, mouse over “New” in the toolbar and click “Post”. The Post screen should be self-explanatory — Fill in a title, add text in the main box, and choose the topic you want to post in under “Categories”. If you don’t specify a topic, the post will be saved when you publish it but won’t appear on the site. You can use the “Tags” box to further categorize your post; the box will suggest possible tags as you type; it can be a little slow but helps prevent unnecessary tag variations (e.g. “Jane Composer” and “Jane Q. Composer”).

To add images or other media to your post, use the “Upload/Insert” link above the formatting bar to add pictures or other media. The maximum upload size for media files is 7 MB, so you will need to host larger files elsewhere and link to them. Pasting the URL of media from any of these sites on its own line will automatically embed that media:

To embed a Bandcamp player you have three options:

  • If you have the album ID you can use the Bandcamp shortcode button (looks like the Bandcamp logo) in the formatting bar (above where you type your entry).
  • Use the “Share” menu at the album or track’s Bandcamp page — choose the “” option and paste that code on its own line.
  • Use the “Share” menu at the album or track’s Bandcamp page, copy the default embed code, click the “HTML” tab above the formatting bar on your post, and paste the code where you want it (obviously more work than either other option but included for completeness).

To embed a Soundcloud player just paste the URL of the track, set, or group on its own line, preceded by [soundcloud] and followed by [/soundcloud] — for example: [soundcloud][/soundcloud]. (Note for the sake of completeness: you can also use the standard Soundcloud embed code which will require you to click the “HTML” tab above the formatting bar before pasting it in your post.)

For other sites that provide an embed code, switch to code view using the “HTML” tab above the formatting bar and paste the embed code where you want it to appear.

If you have any questions about using the site, just email them to info at

Happy posting!